March 21, 2011

Miguel Primo de Rivera Painting Oil on Canvas Mural 1929  (6'x9') artist unknown

Many charastics of this painting, the dark reds and rich brown colours,

the subject (well known families), the scenery- (Segovia) festive Spanish attire -

spanish everyday life all are also found in the works of  Ignacio Zuloaga

The elderly woman on the road in attire for the bullfight was another  favorite subject of Zuloaga.

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6-26-07:   I would like to contact a person by the name "Prime Dew of Creek"

She is a lawyer in journalism by the faculty of Sciences of the Information of the Complutensian University of Madrid.;

I believe she is the great-granddaughter of Miguel Primo de Rivera and

the author of the book "the Cousin of Creek", a history of the family.


Spanish Oil Painting - Miguel Primo de Rivera Family-

Spanish Art Mural on Canvas painted approx 1929-1939

size  approx  

 5' 7" 8'9" mural


This photo was taken out side in bright sunlight with a water mist to show color.

With a little cleaning and properly lit, the colors are beautiful.

For perspective: the girl in the front is 19" from the top of her head to the bottom of her dress.






Miguel Primo de Rivera was the dictator of Spain under King Alfonso from 1923 to 1930.  In 1930 he was deposed and fled to Paris where he died.   A small article in the New York Times in the fall of 1930, gave mention of his two daughters arriving in New York.


         The purpose of this website is to find a proper home for this painting.        I am over 60 years old now and I have owned the painting for approx 35 years. (painting is about 75 years old)  My mission before I die is to find  an individual who will care for and  appreciate and enjoy this work of art as much as I have for the past 35 years.

  This painting was first acquired by me some time around  1970-1972.   I bought it at a sale from an elderly lady in St. Cloud Minnesota.    I asked her where she got it.   She said it belonged to her husband who pasted away in 1959, and he has kept it in the garage from the time they moved into the house in the 1930's.  The painting is in very good  condition and could use a professional cleaning..

        This is a painting that will grow on you,  each time you look at it you see something different.


(3/9/04)   Note:  When Franco, a friend of Hitler, took over Spain, like Hitler one of the first tasks was to confiscate anything of value, including paintings and other art work.   In the painting, the girl front and center (under a black light) appears to have worn an expensive necklace which has been painted out.   Also under a black light it appears a portion of the roadway has been painted over, possibly hiding an artists signature.


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