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Willmar Minnesota High School Class of 1961

Pictures from Lincoln grade school

I am guessing this picture around 1950 (about 7 years old-1st or 2nd grade)

First row on the left:    ___?____, Karen Van Buren, Jackie Pierce, Beverly Pederson,David Swetland, Diane Ahlquist, Beverly Triden

Second row: Ronald Ruchti, Marsha Petereson, Robert Carter, Barbra B_____, Carol Robinson,  Jim Berner,  Jerry Shennum

Third row:  Jerry Arhenholtz, ______,  Shirly Norby, ______, _____, Patti Strom,  _____

Fourth row: Jerry Augustson, _______, ________, Roger Ruchti,  Charlie Wright, Eddy Salvig,  Ron Call,

Teacher: _____________

-----------------the actual pictures are  much clearer----------------


Possibly 5th grade

Probably 5th grade Mrs Zimmerman (I think)

First Row on the Left:  ________, Beverly Triden, Judson Ekblad, Rodney Christensen, Evert Banks, Dale Rueter, Steven Gilbertson

Second Row: Larry ? Hill, ________, Karen Van Buren, Daryl Adams, Douglas Herman,______, Mary Holzsinger?,

Third Row:  Jim Berner, Carolyn Guptil, Gerald Ahrenholtz, Joyce Holmberg, _________, Gloria Chevelier, Diane Ahlquist

Last Row: Jackie Pierson, David Swetland, Ronald Call, Marsha Peterson, Marlene Henderson, Robert Carter, Patricia Holverson, Shelia Jefferies



First row on left:   David Van Buren, Ronald Ruchti,Carol Robinson, Roger Ruud, Connie Lessman

Second Row: Barbra Triden, Jim Berner, Gaylon Gabrielson, Dale Rueter, Douglas Herman, _____, _____

Third Row: Everet Banks, Karen Van Buren, ____Hill, Shirley Norby, Robert Triden, Gloria Chevelier

Fourth Row: Kay_____, David Cerihause, _______, David Haats, Roger Ruchti, Levern Dokken

Fifth Row: Marlene Henderson, Beverly Pederson, _________, Douglas Spartz, Coralee Downs, Diane Ahlquist

Teacher:  Mrs. F_______________-

I will add more as time permits-----I have more pictures so "stay tuned".

If you can make corrections or additions to the names --- let me know.

I do have blown up copies of  pictures of four different classes at Lincoln.

also our cub scout troop 229 with

These I will post shortly---If you would like a clearer copy than this web page

---let me know and I can send you one.

If you have any old pictures from Lincoln school  that you can add to this site,

please let me know.


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